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Shut down busy heads and pave your way to restful nights of sleep using this unique meditating headband

It comes with a smartphone application, keeping your progress in detail

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It’s normal to experience sleeplessness, no matter how tired or drained you are. However, sleeping pills aren’t always the solution to insomnia or a busy mind while in bed.

What I have here is something that will not only help you get a peaceful night but a rejuvenating one as well. Say hi to Muse Headband!

Headbands are not always for fashion purposes or athletes. Like the Muse Headband, this accessory aims to help you refocus off-bed and recover at night. It uses real-time biofeedback that responds to your brain activity, shutting down busy thoughts and leading you to better nights of sleep.

Apart from sending you to sleep, Muse also works as a meditating device. It works by sensing your brain activity and transposing it to weather-like sounds, making an avenue of relaxation for you. With that, you get to stay calm and present at the top of any circumstance.

What does it measure?
Muse measures different brain activities, such as:

  • Oscillations
  • Noise
  • Transient and event-related brain events
  • Non-periodic characteristics

Is the device programmable?

Absolutely! Muse comes with an application that gives you access to various features. All you need is to connect your smartphone to the device via Bluetooth, and you can finally keep track of your meditation routines or create settings for your headband.