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Shriek Webtoon

Shriek Webtoon is one helluva scary webcomic that is your surest ticket to nightmare land. This Webtoon raises the bar for the best webcomic experience as it now embeds sound effects and background music, as well as occasional gifs. This horror series, with a 9.83/10 rating on the app, will really make you Shriek (and probably throw your phone in fear). Here?s why.

Each episode opens to a warning that says, ?this comic contains shocking scenes. Viewer discretion is advised for pregnant women, the elderly, and those with weak hearts. So it?s really THAT scary. See link below to read.

Now prepare to swallow your screams. This horror anthology is loaded with special effects for maximum scare?just in time for Halloween.

Episode 1 (or chapter 1): Theme Park of Terror: A Ghostly Job by Dey

Shriek Webtoon

Readers will first discover that a girl lost her soul in a horror theme park. The spirit doctor who tried to heal her says that the theme park used to be a mental hospital and that some of the souls of previous patients are trapped in it, and this girl?s soul is probably there too.

The story then follows a ghost actor in that said theme park. His task is to scare the guests as they pass through the hospital with scary puppets and rooms. One day, the manager reports to all of the staff, that two of their colleagues, all looking healthy and fit, suddenly gets sick, just weeks after the opening. This suddenly brings in a tv production to film and investigate the claims of this spirit doctor. Once there, the spirit doctor says that the souls inhabit the puppets. Humans must not touch them until he puts on the prayer charm to drive those angry souls away.

However, the main character does not know this. That same day. he gets an order from the maintenance to see one puppet that?s malfunctioning. He needs to grease the neck with oil and then push the reset button on its back to fix it.

He finds this certain puppet in a dark room and looking very much like Sadako. (Expect your heart to beat really fast during this scene.) When the light flickers, your screen will flicker too! From here on, expect a freaky head rotation from the puppet and a Sadako-ish crawl until its face closes in on your screen. We dare you to read this tonight!

Find out how episode 1 of Shriek Webtoon ends by reading it here. Good luck sleeping!

This Webtoon series is a collection of short horror stories, presented in full color with an amazingly terrifying webcomic experience. Be sure to get the Webtoon App on your smartphone or mobile gadgets.

Shriek Webtoon currently has four episodes and is updated every Thursdays and Fridays.

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