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Why you shouldn’t get the Samsung Galaxy S5

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 was supposed to divert attention from the flop that the Galaxy S4 was. People still wanted to buy the older, cheaper phones or an alternative flagship phone. It seems that Samsung, high on the success of the Note 3 and S3 from a couple of years ago, has forgotten how to make a smashing follow-up flagship. ?Here’s why:

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1. They just made it bigger.

In a digital world where there is such a thing as a phablet (phone + tablet handheld device), bigger screens don’t necessarily mean better. There’s always the Note 3 if you want something that is wide enough to need both hands. Watch out for pixel density too.

2. They kept the TouchWiz UI.

For anyone who’s ever used a Samsung Android phone, you’ll know that their UI leaves a lot to be desired. ?The shortcuts are accessible through pull-down ?menus but you still have to swipe to the left or right to reach the other shortcuts. The Samsung Galaxy S5 retains the UI and doesn’t improve on it at all.

3. Still a lot of bloatware and unnecessary subscriptions.

From the reports that are coming out, the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with almost $500 in subscriptions to Evernote, Wall Street Journal, Bitcasa and other popular services. Take note that these subscriptions last only up to 3 months.

4. Health features that aren’t that useful.

Unless you’re a health buff or you really need to monitor your heart rate, a lot of the additional features on the Samsung Galaxy S5 aren’t going to see much use. But if you are going to be looking at your biometrics more than once a day for pertinent information, then it’s one great feature.

5. Still plastic, generic design.

One of the things Samsung doesn’t seem to get and still hasn’t gotten with the S5 is that plastic doesn’t lend to aesthetics. Their phones look generally all the same so unless you have the Note series, people may not know if you’re touting the flagship phone or a mid-level smartphone. For something that’s going to cost at least $400, people want to make sure it looks beautiful.

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Although the S5 is dust-proof and water resistant, it’s still made of plastic. The Sony Xperia series still did the resistance and proofing gauntlet first.

In the end, the Samsung Galaxy S5 ?didn’t deliver anything new that could set it apart from the pack; including the iPhone 5s. A more striking and better buy is still the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 since it delivers everything the Galaxy S5 can in terms of telephony and computing with a better package.


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