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Should you preorder Samsung Galaxy S6 or wait for the iPhone 6s?

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As Samsung released its latest flagship, the Galaxy S6 that features Note Edge capabilities, a metal unibody and magnetic strip reading features, consumers who haven?t bought in to the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus are now faced with a tough decision?should they wait for Apple?s release this year or start preordering Samsung?s iPhone killer?

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs all the iPhones?

While you could say that this is another argument about Android vs iOS, smartphone users must beaware of the long-term implications of owning either device?even if one of them doesn?t even exist yet.

Here are some things to consider if you want to preorder the Samsung Galaxy S6 or wait for the iPhone 6s:

  • The Samsung Galaxy S6 can do a lot more things than even an iPad Air 2.

With its size, the side display and the magnetic strip reader, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is better compared to any iPhone when it?s a fight based on function. Android is still the king when it comes to utility. Most of Apple?s functions on the iPhone 6 such as Airdrop, Air Print and Apple Pay are all going to be on the S6 in some form or another.

  • Samsung Galaxy S6?s magnetic strip reader is not as secure as the Apple Pay system.

Apple is always forward-looking and very selective of the technology it integrates in its devices. While Samsung may get ahead of the pack now with the strip reader, in the long run, the security breaches and possible fraud may make people simply not want to adopt the technology.

  • We don?t know what the Apple iPhone 6s is going to look like.

Will it look like the 6 and 6 plus? Or will it harken back to the day of smaller iPhones that can fit in your pocket? We don?t know yet and it?s a big factor on iPhone 5s users if the design will be retained or changed. Not a lot of people are fans of the unfinished-looking back, raised camera and Samsung-esque corners of the newest iPhone iteration.

  • The Samsung Galaxy S6 has no expandable memory.

Unlike its predecessors, Samsung has finally given up the user-swappable batteries and backs to create a unibody that most high-end Android smartphones sport. This may turn away their loyal users who cannot live without knowing they can change a faulty battery or scratched back on their own.

  • Android phones depreciate much faster than iPhones.

If you plan to sell your phone to buy a new one every time you upgrade, an Android phone isn?t the best choice for you. Android phones usually cost half of what they?re worth by the end of a year?s usage. The iPhone, on the other hand, depreciates much more slowly. You can still get old models for brand new today, so the market for used iOS devices is still stronger than for Android.

  • This could be the best Samsung flagship phone yet.

They’v tried to replicate the success of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and they’ve continued to fail for 2 years. But changing the game with Edge displays and an elegant unibody could put Samsung back on the premium handset map.

So what are your thoughts? Will you wait and join the horde of iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 preorders or will you preorder your Samsung Galaxy S6 now?


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