Should you get Spotify? Pros and Cons and how to share your account

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Spotify is one of the many music streaming services available in the US that let you legally listen and download songs from popular and independent artists. The service has grown a following on its own and has one of the most extensive (but region-locked) music selection in the business. You can technically listen to your local artists and the latest international hits all in one app.

You can use the service for free, but you have to put up with ads on your screen and audio commercials between songs. If you don?t want to put up with this, there?s always the premium and unlimited subscriptions.

The unlimited subscription lets you do away with all the ads and stream an unlimited amount of songs to your desktop Spotify account. This costs around $4.99 per month charged to your credit card.

The premium subscription costs around $9.99 and gives you all the benefits of the unlimited account. Aside from the unlimited screening, you can now stream music on your mobile phone and download them for online play.



Recently, Spotify also lets students use the premium account for only $4.99 for a year. After which, students are required to prove that they are still students so they can continue at the discounted rate.

So would Spotify actually be a great service for you and your music habits? It depends on how into tunes you are and how you listen and discover music. Spotify is good for you and worth the monthly fee if you like:

  • Downloading songs and making your own playlists

Spotify allows you to download songs you like and then put them together into playlists. If you like your mixtapes and your very own burned CDs from when you were young, then Spotify lets you recreate that.

  • You like old songs and tunes from musicals.

Spotify has a lot of indie artists and songs from the 70?s, 80?s and 90?s. Peppering your collection with the songs from your youth isn?t going to be a problem.

  • You like other versions of songs and looking for new artists and music.

Spotify?s music discovery system gives you artists with the same sound as the one you?re listening to if you want to look. Your playlists and everyone else?s playlists are publicly visible so you can find great song collections from people who have more time to peruse music than you do.

  • You want to support artists, but don?t want to pay the huge fees for records and songs that labels demand.

With low fees and a subscription model that lets you listen and download an unlimited number of songs in a month, you aren?t breaking the bank when you want to support artists and musicians. Spotify pays artists $0.00007 every time their song is played and a different amount when it?s been downloaded.

But Spotify isn?t for everyone. You may be better off with a free account if you fall under the following:

  • You don?t have time to look for music or organize playlists.

If you simply want to listen to an artist or band then the free version can bring up all the musician?s songs.

  • You don?t have that much time to listen to music.

A casual listener who is fine with radio stations or classical tracks can appreciate how readily Spotify provides the best tracks for free.

When you want to share a premium Spotify account, you simply have to download the songs you want to listen to in offline mode and then log off the internet on your phone. The other user can then log on and listen to his or her own tracks that you mutually downloaded or selected. Keep in mind that this can only work if the other user is completely off the internet so the app doesn?t shut down on the previous user.

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