Short End of a Stick: PCs on a Stick from Intel and Google

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Intel Compute Stick, Intel’s first PC on a Stick. [Intel]

Innovations are easy to come by as new technology appears almost every day.

That?s the case with the PC on a Stick, an innovation in computers that?s currently taking fire. Technically, it?s a CPU that?s consolidated; shrunk down in size to allow better mobility. In a report from Wired, Google just joined the PC on a Stick bandwagon with their Asus Chromebit, a partnership product with Asus that can make just about any display with a USB port into a PC.

Intel, for their part, is not about to be left behind in the PC on a Stick race. With the proliferation of LED TVs with USB ports these days, Engadget reports that Intel is in the game with their Compute Stick?a USB CPU with the same capabilities as the Chromebit. However, with all these razzle-dazzle of the gadgets, do people notice something lacking with these Stick PCs?

Fresh Tech

If movies can be seen on your LED TV, why not use it like a PC?

It?s the driving force behind Google and Asus? Chromebit, reported in the Wired article, and in Intel?s Compute Stick, covered in the Engadget article. Both of these Sticks provide users with a way to use their wide-screen LED TVs just like they would their LED PC screens, and it?s been effective so far. The devices works just like the Googe Chromecast?a device from Google which plugs into the USB port, according to Wired, and plays streaming videos on your television, from the Internet.

But it isn?t all good news. While the Chromestick and the Compute Stick is making headlines, there are some things that people seem to be forgetting?

Computer peripherals

PCs on Sticks are no doubt innovative. What about the peripherals? People will undoubtedly seek familiar fixtures like keyboards and the mouse?unless of course there?s a solution already in place.

With the Chromebit offering USB and Bluetooth connections, according to Wired, it?s just a matter of finding the right wireless keyboard and mouse to connect to it. Logiteach already has products that are ready for the Chromebit?s connectivity, as well as similar products being sold on Newegg. It?s the same thing with the Compute Stick, as it also possesses Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

The Wave of the Future

Tech like this will surely go a long way into minimizing the consumption of space in your living room or office. It?s still in its earlier stages, so expect hiccups to happen with the PCs on a Stick currently being sold right now. Still, it might just be the key that PC computing needs to transform the way we use computers today.


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