Shin Godzilla Release Date, Plot Update: New Updates From San Diego Comic Con

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Shin Godzilla
Shin Godzilla SDCC

Another exciting news from the San Diego Comic Con is the release of TOHO?s Shin Godzilla Film by FUNimation Entertainment this year. The Shin Godzilla Film is directed by Hideaki Anno (Evangelion) and Shinji Higuchi (Attack on Titan Live-Action), and will screen in japanese theaters this July 29, 2016 in IMAX, MX4D, and 4DX theaters.

When asked if this film was a remake or a rebirth or revival, Executive Producer Akihiro Yamauchi claims that that it is not, given the title Shin, translates to New Godzilla or True Godzilla or God Godzilla. Yamauchi also claims that this will be the scariest Godzilla ever.

Here is the official synopsis of the film: ?A cause unknown, an accident has occurred in the tunnels of the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line, causing an emergency cabinet meeting to convene. Immediately afterwards, a huge creature appears, destroying town after town with its landing reaching the capital. The mysterious giant organism is named ?Godzilla.?

Shin Godzilla

Godzilla Resurgence | Photo from www.geeksofdoom.com

The Shin Godzilla cast includes Satomi Ishihara, Hiroki Hasegawa, and Yuataka Takenouchi.

In other Godzilla – Comic Con news, (Official Press Release) Bluefin, the leading North American distributor of toys, collectibles, and hobby merchandise from Japan, Hong Kong, and more, announces its participation at the 2016 G-FEST with something very special to be showcased at the largest event devoted to Godzilla and Japanese movie monster fandom.

New from Bandai, the Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995 is a massive rendition of the famous monster as he was depicted in the movie Godzilla vs. Destroyah. Production is limited to only 500 units worldwide and the release is available exclusively from Bandiai?s official North American distributor, Bluefin. Standing nearly 2 feet tall, the Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995 will be displayed and will be available for purchase at G-FEST.

Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995 is being offered at the 2016 SDCC and G-Fest and is limited to only 500 units. This figure is said to be almost 2 feet tall and sold at $500.00 (MSRP)

Shin Godzilla

Bluefin Gigantic Series Godzilla 1995

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