Sherlock Special Episode Updates, Victorian Era Revealed, Benedict Cumberbatch Less Bratty

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While we still wait for Season 4 of Sherlock, let?s take a look at the upcoming special episode where Sherlock and John goes back to the Victorian period.

This episode will be a Christmas Special that will have a ?Through the Looking-Glass? vibe as the setting takes place in the original time period of Sherlock Holmes, which is of course during the Victorian era, this was explained by executive producer Mark Gatiss.

Expect to see a very different Sherlock and Dr. Watson (played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman) since the Victorian era are much different compared to modern day London. Series creator Steven Moffat explained that what Sherlock lacks in the modern era was manners since in the Victorian period, men are more of a gentlemen, so expect to see Sherlock in a less bratty, rude man and more of a real Victorian gentleman, which will be a refreshing take for the series. Dr. Watson however will be of a more upright person, Moffat said, ?They’re the same people, seen through the prism of a different time and fitting in to a different society.?

When asked on what was the inspiration behind the special episode, Moffat just replied ?Just because we can, really?. There is even no explanation on why they decided to make a Victorian special as Moffat mentioned “We never bothered to explain what we were doing in modern day London, so why do we have to bother explaining what they’re doing in Victorian London, when that’s where they’re supposed to be?”

Unfortunately Moffat also explained that there won?t be any other plans for another episode of this since this is more of a spin-off, he even jokingly stated ?Unless we go mad and set it in the 1940s and have him fight Hitler. Nothing?s inconceivable if you have bad taste. No, we go back to doing?Sherlock?next year unless I?m lying or we change our minds.?

The Sherlock special episode will be focusing on ghost stories as Moffat explained that these work better in the Victorian setting.

Expect to see the special episode to premiere this Christmas, in the meantime you can check the teaser trailer

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