Sherlock Season 4 Updates: Two Episodes are Ready to Reach the Fans in 2017

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Sherlock Season 4

Sherlock season 4 will be coming back in January 2017 ?with two episodes. ?Among them, one episode will be called as ?The Final Problem.? Sherlock season 4?s new teaser is also making noise on the internet.

Sherlock season 4?s two episodes will be screened in 350 cinemas. BBC Worldwide North America is joining hands with Fathom Events for the screenings. ?We can?t think of a better way to start the new year off then experiencing the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson on the big screen. The bonus content will be an excellent treat for the show?s loyal fans,? said Soumya Sriraman, EVP, Franchise and Digital Enterprises, BBC Worldwide North America.


This is not the first time that BBC is showing the Sherlock episodes in theaters. Earlier, Sherlock series? stand-alone episode ?The Abominable Bride? was also watched by many in theaters, according to Entertainment.

In the new teaser, fans can see Toby Jones as a new villain. The villain has a secret which can keep him powerful throughout the season. Benedict said ?I love you? staring at the camera.

There is a rumor that the upcoming two episode titles are based on Arthur Conan Doyle?s original tales ?The Adventure of the Six Napoleons? and ?The Adventure of the Dying Detective.? In the tale of ?The Adventure of the Six Napoleons,? Sherlock investigates a murder connected to Napoleon.

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Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss has teased that the upcoming season will take the viewers to the Victorian Baker Street. ?It?s an imagined version of what I think the future might be, we have really opened a ridiculous window that the entire series of Sherlock might be the drug-induced ravings of the Victorian Sherlock Holmes. Which means we can do absolutely anything,? Gatiss said.

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Sherlock Season 4 Cast: Who is Coming in?

Thor star Tom Hiddleston is rumored to play the role of Sherrinford, Sherlock?s third brother. The cast will include Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington, Una Stubbs, Louise Brealey, Rupert Graves and Jonathan Aris. Moriarty?s reentry is still doubtful. Some fans are saying that Sherlock season 4 will not have a single villain but a union of villains.

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