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Sherlock Season 4 Trailer; Cumberbatch Reveals Sherlock Stranger Than Doctor Strange

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Fans have been waiting for Sherlock Season 4, now we have gotten a glimpse of it in an official trailer. The trailer has the text saying ?Everything that they know will be tested? and ?Everyone they know is under threat.? We also can hear the ?Miss me?? message from presumably dead villain Jim Moriarty. It seems Sherlock Season 4 will drop some jaws. It?s dark, strange and pretty much a cliffhanger with so much promise.

Check it out here.

Benedict Cumberbatch has been lauded for brilliantly playing the role of Sherlock. The actor now also joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe as he was cast as Doctor Strange for the upcoming film of the same name. At the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), he was asked if playing the role of Sherlock prepared him for Doctor Strange. Cumberbatch answered that it actually didn?t. He said that Sherlock is ?a lot more effin strange? than Strange himself. He was quoted saying this by Matthew Leyland of GamesRadar+.

Cumberbatch explained that even though Doctor Strange is a lot strange, he is fully humanized. He seeks perfection in his work, a workaholic, but he has emotional ties and relationships. He added that Doctor Strange is a man of the sensory world while Sherlock Holmes curtails all these appetites to focus on being the best consulting detective in the world. This, he finds stranger than Doctor Strange. He concludes that culturally, they are both different. Sherlock is English and Doctor Strange is very American. ?

Sherlock Season 4 is expected to come out in 2017. Doctor Strange will hit the box office in November 2016.

Aren?t you excited for these two Cumberbatch projects? Which Marvel superhero or character do you want to make his or her first appearance on the big screen? Leave your thoughts below.

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