Sherlock Season 4 To Have New Villains: Will Moriarty Come Back To Trouble Sherlock?

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?Sherlock? Season 4 fans, here?s good news. A new villain is likely to be featured in the upcoming season. This character will be played by ?Harry Potter? actor Toby Jones, who is reportedly excited about it.

The new villain will be seen in the second episode, according to Cross Map. The character will have some connection with Moriarty.

Christian Post has reported that there will be one more villain called AJ. That character will be played by “The History Boys” actor Sacha Dhawan. He will be against Sherlock and John Watson. In fact, there is a big possibility of Moriarty coming back. In the special episode, which was aired a couple of months ago, Sherlock said that Moriarty is dead. However, at the end of the episode, Moriarty appeared all of sudden and asked, ?Missing me?? ?


Benedict Cumberbatch will be Sherlock Holmes once again. ?Sherlock? season 4 will not eliminate the character, Dr. John Watson. The Sherlock team is already working for the Season 4. Sherlock co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss has spoken about ?Sherlock? Season 4. ?By having that scene right at the end, where we go back to Victorian London ?? Victorian Baker Street ? and Sherlock explicitly says, ?It?s an imagined version of what I think the future might be,? we have really opened a ridiculous window that the entire series of Sherlock might be the drug-induced ravings of the Victorian Sherlock Holmes. Which means we can do absolutely anything,? Gatiss told Den Of Geek.

GameNGuide has reported that the upcoming season will feature Sherlock?s family story. Nino Firetto Casting is looking for an actor who can play the role of young Sherlock. On Nino Firetto Casting?s Facebook post, it?s mentioned that they want an actor who has black or brown curly hair and blue eyes.

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