?Sherlock? Season 4 Spoilers: What We kNow About The Last Season Of Sherlock?

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Sherlock Season 4 may return around Christmastime.
Sherlock Season 4 may return around Christmastime.

Sherlock Season 4 is getting ready to hit the television screen. The upcoming season is going to be the last season of the Sherlock series.

Sherlock ?showrunners Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat have teased that the story of Sherlock is reaching the end. ?Ghosts of the past are rising in the lives of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson bringing adventure, romance and terror in their wake. This is the story we?ve been telling from the beginning. A story about to reach its climax,? Gatiss and Moffat revealed.

The upcoming season is going to make the audience stand on their toes. There will be a lot of unexpected twists. Martin Freeman?s character, Watson, will become the father. Sherlock?s enemy, Professor James Moriarty, will be coming back, according to WalesOnline.

The Sherlock team is busy in the shooting set of Season 4. ?By having that scene right at the end, where we go back to Victorian London ?? Victorian Baker Street ? and Sherlock explicitly says, ?It?s an imagined version of what I think the future might be,? we have really opened a ridiculous window that the entire series of Sherlock might be the drug-induced ravings of the Victorian Sherlock Holmes. Which means we can do absolutely anything,? Gatiss said.

Rachel Talalay will direct the first episode of Sherlock Season 4 while the second episode will be directed by Nick Hurran.

The character, Irene Adler, played by Lara Pulver, is likely to be featured in the Season 4. The talented actor Sachia Dhawan will be joining the Sherlock cast to play the character called AJ.

Sherlock Season 4 executive producers have already confirmed that “Harry Potter” star Toby Jones will be featured in the upcoming season. Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Amanda Abbington, Una Stubbs, Louise Brealey, Rupert Graves and Jonathan Aris will be reprising their roles.

Sherlock will be investigating a mysterious case. He will be taking the help of Dr. Watson. In the previous season, fans saw Sherlock investigating about the dead woman. Fans are not sure whether or not that case has some connection with the plot of Season 4.

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