“Sherlock” Season 4 Brings in Tom Hiddleston Alongside Benedict Cumberbatch

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The long awaited third Sherlock brother is finally here, and like what every fan expected and wanted, Tom Hiddleston is playing the role of Sherrinford. According to the Parent Herald, he has been sought out for quite a long time, not only by fans, but also by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, co-creators of the series.

Sherlock Season 4 will feature Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch side by side. Although the confirmation took longer than it should be, fans truly understand how difficult it is to commit to something, given how Hiddleston is also working on other projects aside from Sherlock Season 4.

Despite landing the role, according to IGN, Hiddleston also expressed his desire to take on the role of the next James Bond. Given how Craig Daniel openly expressed his unwillingness to take on another Bond sequel, Tom said ?I simply love the theme tune, the tropes and the mythology, I love the whole thing. If it ever came knocking, it would be an extraordinary opportunity. And I?m very aware of the physicality of the job. I would not take it lightly.?

Tom?s co-star in ?Thor,? Idris Elba has also been rumored to play the part of James Bond, where the latter implied, he?s ready to take role. JobsnHire said that, Gatiss at first, had some second thoughts about Hiddleston accepting the job. Due to the conflict on schedules, he otherwise compared the actor to Cumberbatch, who made time to work on Sherlock Season 4, despite currently starring on Doctor Strange.

Currently, Sherlock Season 4 has no confirmed plot, but this is a warning! Gatiss said there will be some sort of tragedy on Season 4. Other confirmed characters for Sherlock Season 4 include the role of Mary, played by Amanda Abbington; Mrs. Hudson played by Unna Stubbs; and the role of Dr. Watson, played by Martin Freeman. The target date for ?Sherlock? Season 4 is by January 2017 with PBS and BBC confirming the slate.

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