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Shenmue 3 News: Remastered Collection Is Real, Says Just Add Water Studio CEO

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A Shenmue HD Collection is likely. [Image from Kickstarter]

While fans wait for Shenmue 3 news, it looks like the HD collection of the first two games is coming. Forums are usually places where fans speculate on the possibilities, so seeing a game company’s CEO comment is fairly surprising. Add a Tweet from a Sony official with the first game in hand and the evidence continues to pile up.

Just Add Water’s (JAW) CEO commented on a NeoGAF forum, trolling fans about the Shenmue collection, before seemingly denying it. JAW actually has a decent reputation for porting games to HD consoles, like with Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD on PS3. If the company is working on the HD collection of the first two Shenmue games, it is in good hands.

Sony Confirms?

Sony’s Gio Corsi also Tweeted a picture of himself with the Shenmue creator, whilst also holding the first Shenmue game. Since Shenmue 3 is taking a while before release, it looks like we will be getting a Shenmue HD Collection. It will be interesting to see if the HD Collection is PS4 exclusive or if it’s coming to PC too.

Due to the picture with a Sony official, it seems like it could be an HD Collection for the PS4. Maybe it will be a temporary exclusive and is coming to the PC later on, but no one knows yet. Fans will have to wait for an official announcement from Sega or the game’s Kickstarter to see if anything happens.

Shenmue HD Collection Official?

With all these factors in place, it seems like the Shenmue HD Collection is all but confirmed from these sources. It would be a smart move, since Shenmue 3 might bring up a lot of continuity from the previous games. Plus, it might get newer fans invested enough to get the new game on PS4 or PC, whenever it’s released.

Introducing quick-time events and an open-world, the first two Shenmue games were beloved Dreamcast classics, hence the instant Kickstarter success. Fans want to know the fate of these characters and it seems like they will find out soon enough. Here is hoping that it’s a good game and not a massive disappointment like the Kickstarter title Mighty No. 9.

Shenmue 3 will be coming to the PS4 and Windows PC, though no release date has been given. Fans are hoping it will be released sometime this year, but that can neither be confirmed nor denied. If a Shenmue HD Collection does come out, expect plenty of hype from fans.

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