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Shenmue 3 Release Date And The Latest News: Game Launch Soon As Devs Enter “Final Stages Of Development”? PC Pre-Orders Starts This Week!

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It looks like the Shenmue 3 release might be sooner than expected. The fan favorite Kickstarter project enticed gamers since it was revealed in E3, so an early release would be great. After months of waiting, we still don’t have a release date, but the game will be fully developed soon.

In an interview with Famitsu, which was translated by Gematsu, it was revealed that the third Shenmue game is entering the final stages of development. Even better is the fact that PC players will be able to pre-order the game on December 15. To top it all off, we will be seeing new gameplay videos of the title early next year.

New Gamer Friendly?

Fans have expressed concern with the Shenmue 3 release since it is a sequel to a fairly old game series. While older fans can’t wait to play it, newer fans might not pick it up due to heavy continuity. However, in the same interview, Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki stated that new players can enjoy the world.

This could mean that the third game will help re-introduce the world to newer and older players. If true, it’s a good move since even die hard fans will have a hard time remembering everything. The Witcher 3 was able to lure newer gamers in, so here is hoping that Shenmue 3 can do the same thing.

2017 Release?

With gameplay videos showing early next year, does this mean the Shenmue 3 launch?will be in 2017? Since the third installment is entering the final stages of development, a late 2017 release is possible. That being said, setbacks can happen, so fans will have to wait for more official news before getting too excited.

Still, getting to see the game in action should be enough to make players happy. Fans have waited a very long time to get Shenmue 3 and they’re finally going to get it. Currently, the game is only slated for a PS4 and PC release. An HD re-release of the first two games might also be in the works, though that hasn’t been made official yet.

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