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Shenmue 3 Misses E3 2016

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Shenmue 3

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 has just ended, but this year, Shenmue 3 missed the event. ?Though it wasn?t a surprise because the studio president Cedric Biscay previously confirmed that Shibuya Productions is not bringing the game to the E3 stage, many fans believed that the studio will at least showcase a little about the upcoming action-adventure game.

Shenmue 3 has a huge fan following. The game started as a Kickstarter project and created a history in crowdfunding. The game broke all the records of previously funded games and became the fastest funded project. Last year, when the studio confirmed the project, it was a ?dream come true? for fans, and they incredibly backed it.

Those who have been waiting for a Shenmue 3 release date announcement may feel disappointed, but it seems that the studio may still reveal details anytime soon. In March, the studio completed 95 percent of Shenmue 3?s story. The in-game content was not complete at that time. According to a report by WccfTech, the developer also revealed its plans regarding the addition of a free battle system, but the developer was unsure about the feature because of the deadlines.

Since the announcement, Shibuya Production has not revealed a lot of information about the game. The little pieces of information they revealed suggests that the game?s story is expected to pick up from where the previous game left off. The studio also aims to make improvements and updates in several gameplay elements.

The game is being backed by Sega. The company has been quiet about the support they are giving to the franchise, but according to a report, the company said that Shenmue 3 is an important IP for them. Sega?s former president Hideki Okamura said, ?Of course Sega is interacting with Mr. Suzuki even now. We will continue supporting him concerning Shenmue 3 as well.?

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