Shelley Duvall Found Dead? Did Actress Commit Suicide After Dr. Phil Interview Because Of Mental Illness?

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Shelley Duvall Found Dead?
Shelley Duvall Found Dead?

After Dr. Phil?s interview with Shelley Duvall surfaced, the Internet has been full of public outrage on how Shelley Duvall was showcased on the interview. Shelley Duvall was a star back in 1980, with her role as Olive Oyl in Popeye.

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Shelley Duvall was showcased on Dr. Phil?s interview and she apparently suffers from a form of mental sickness. This became apparent from her surreal words on the interview. She spoke of how she believes Robin Williams is still alive. Duvall said: ?I love Robin Williams. I don?t think he is dead,? she said.??I think he is shape shifting.?

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With so much surprising content on such a sudden interview, many people have begun speculating that Duvall had been traumatized by her appearance on the interview and had even gone on to commit suicide. This isn?t an impossible scenario considering that the former actress is not in a?stable mental health.

As prevalent these outlandish speculations are, there is no official word out yet on Shelley Duvall?s current well-being. And it is very unlikely that she is currently deceased based on speculations alone.

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Stories of Shelley Duvall committing suicide may be bogus but the public outcry in the wake of the interview sure isn?t. Dr. Phil is now currently under fire from so many people on social media because of the interview.

People are criticizing the decision to bring her on the show as a shallow act to bring shock value on the interview at the expense of Duvall?s dignity. People are basically saying that they just used Duvall and that Dr. Phil didn?t essentially heal her. Many are already calling coming to arms in a bid to boycott Dr. Phil.

Let?s see how Dr. Phil gets out of this one, and just how all of this concludes. Let?s all hope the recent exposure would lead to Duvall getting real help soon. ?

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