Shattered Smartphone Screen? HTC will Fix it for Free

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Smartphone company HTC has just announced its new policy, the HTC Advantage. Users will enjoy free replacement of their cracked smartphone screen under this program, as long as they are using any of its flagship devices. The policy also guarantees two years of Android software updates. Repair policies among manufacturers is common, but usually comes with a free. HTC will give the same services to its users at no cost, but only the screen.

Screen Damage is Common in Smartphones


Screen damage happens to many smartphone users, which is why the HTC Advantage policy gives a significant advantage to its users. Not all mobile devices will work even with a cracked screen and not everyone can endure the eye sore it gives. One thing you should know is that this policy only covers the latest HTC One phones, including HTC One Mini, HTC One and HTC One Max.

To avail of this free service, you need to ship your old phone to the company. You have the option to pay $29 for HTC to ship a replacement phone to your address overnight, or wait patiently for them to ship your phone at no cost. Do not worry about your phone?s old settings as they can be saved using the HTC Backup software.

Other Benefits to Enjoy with HTC Advantage

HTC commits to giving all subscribers of the HTC Advantage plan, such as:

  • Android Updates for Two Years ? Users will enjoy major Android updates for two years from the day the HTC device was launched.
  • Free 25 to 50GB of Additional Online Google Drive Storage for Two Years ? You can backup all your important contacts, photos, music and more.
  • HTC Backup ? Accidents do happen and you can lose your files unexpectedly. Fear no more, because HTC can retrieve your settings using cloud technology.
  • Hands ? on Help ? Their live online or phone chat will guide you through any issues on their devices.

HTC realizes that innovation also means letting consumers maximize their money spent on their mobile devices, especially the premium models. The HTC Advantage policy for HTC One users will help make sure that these devices are well taken care of.

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