Shark Week 2016 on Discovery Channel: Specials to Watch Out For, No Megalodon in Sight?

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Shark Week on Discovery Channel is finally here, but not everyone is hyped with the schedule given by the channel. It turns out that the beloved show Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives, is missing from Discovery Channel?s lineup. While the show was presented by Discovery as a faux documentary, viewers seem to be entranced by it, and the absence of the show in the lineup has elicited some reactions.

Viewers have taken to Twitter to air their disappointment, decrying that Shark Week has nothing about the Megalodon sharks. Others have said that they waited all year to watch the Megalodon and apparently, it?s not included on the list. Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives premiered on the Disney Channel?s ?Shark Week? in 2013 and since then, it?s been one of the most anticipated shows in the ?Shark Week? event.

This year however, it looks like the Discovery Channel is deliberately excluding Megalodon from their schedule, partly because it has received some critical comments in the past. According to Refinery29, experts have openly criticized the show for having unreal insights and ?deceptive? and ?misleading? information about sharks.

As implied by the NPR, it was indeed ?sketchy science?, sketchy in the sense that, Megalodon is not based on true stories, documentaries or even actual discoveries under the seas. While the concept has been based on what viewers usually see as the conventional undersea studies, the information and materials used were sensationalized to a certain degree. This is why Megalodon was popularly loved by many, but criticized by the experts.

Despite the issues that surrounded the Megalodon, shark scientists are more than ecstatic to discover that ?Shark Week? has indeed kicked off this Sunday.

Marine biologist Jonathan Davis; after he was called by Shark Week producers two years ago for a documentary, shared his experience, saying ?I’ve loved sharks since I was a little kid. I’ve always dreamed of being on Shark Week. It was my ultimate goal when I was a kid. I always watched it, and it was extremely informative when I was younger.”

What do you think of the Megalodon missing this year?s ?Shark Week?? Don?t miss the latest on the Disney Channel by checking on TheBitBag.com.

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