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Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn to Work With the Xbox and PS4

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Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn to Work With the Xbox and PS4

Oklahoma City, United States – The newest Shaq Fu fighting game with the bearer A Legend Reborn is going to match the specs needed for an Xbox and PS4 console.

It was already announced by the Indiegogo Company that they will be working with the latest Xbox 360, PS4, Wii U and another Xbox One. The game is already being developed under the supervision of Big Deez Productions.

Big Deez Productions is a known provider of the best games played globally including Battlefield, Max Payne, Street Fighter and a whole lot more.

The Giant Twist That Is a Bit Odd and Surprising

There is a huge If on top of all these. A Legend Reborn will only be released to the market if they can work with $450,000 worth of donations. It is said to be compatible with all these gaming consoles. They will be getting this money from the public who wants to play the game. If it reaches $650,000, they will be creating for Apple and Android operating systems.

There could also be Nintendo 3DS versions and PlayStation Vista versions if they can get as much as $960,000. So far, hitting this big is not the priority of the game makers. Their eyes are on the $450,000 mark.

This is one of the rarest times that this has happened. In return for the donation, the company will be inviting Shaquille O?Neal to the person?s place. He will be joining you in a party that will be organized by the production.

Some Find the Whole System Funny but Doable

The donations will start at $35,000. Any person who will give this amount will have signed memorabilia of the game, the game itself, and more ?perks? from the company. These could be updates, news, passes to events and what-not.

This is a price that could give any gamer a brand new car already. However, if they have really fallen in love with Shaq Fu, then, they could do it for its new game by the name of A Legend Reborn. It can happen. It has already happened with other games but not at this price.

This just goes to show how expensive a video game can be. The people behind A Legend Reborn have the best intentions in mind when they started the donation campaign. However, did they create the best scheme for their ?donation process?? Or should the good-hearted fellows get more from them?

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