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?Shameless? Season 7 Updates: Frank Is Alive, New Characters Introduced

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Shameless Season 6 Finale

Frank Gallagher is alive and will surely be returning in Shameless Season 7. Avid viewers have been worried about the fate of this well-loved character but the good news is that he actually survived the ordeal. Shameless Season 7 will show more of Frank, along with exciting new characters as the world that the Gallaghers move around in could only get bigger.

Frank is one of the lead roles in the Showtime’s hit comedy-drama TV series so it is just appropriate that he?s not dead. But what fans are looking forward to see is how he?s able to make it after being submerged in the deadly icy waters. Rumor has it that as soon as the seventh season premiers, he will be found in an unconscious state. And it looks like the Gallagher clan head will soon rise up to seek revenge.

Shameless Season 7 updates suggest that fans could also be looking forward to meet a couple of new players to join the fray. One of them is a character named Etta. Scent of a Woman star June Squibb was chosen to play the character. Etta is an elderly Southside Chicago woman who claims to own the neighbourhood since the start of time.

Squibb is indeed a new prevailing woman to join the cast. She has also appeared in several television series which include The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Getting On, Girls, and Glee.

Another new character that fans will get to meet when Shameless returns is a role to be played by Sharon Lawrence. Her name is Margo and she?s a real estate mogul. She is the owner of the coffee shop where Fiona (Rossum) works. It looks like this woman is going to be a role model for Frank?s wife.

Aside from the arrival of new characters, viewers could also look forward to see the younger Gallaghers, Debbie (Emma Kennedy) and Carl (Ethan Cutkosky), as more mature individuals.

Shameless Season 7 is slated to premiere on October 2 at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

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