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Shadowverse Guide: Important Tips and Strategy Guide

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Shadowverse is a mobile strategy card game that is similar to Hearthstone. It is one of the newest and one of the most played game in its genre. The game has a massive content to keep the players hooked for a long time.

The gameplay format is also very similar to Hearthstone, players must have some late game contingency plan to increase the chance of winning. Players must also avoid pairing a good card to a bad one.

There are additional important tips to provide the players,?an alternate starter deck?for starters. Players can craft competitive decks, even without drawing new cards by using a combination of Silver and Bronze cards.

Players must learn to apply their custom built decks to battle. This guide will tackle a variety of card classes including, Havencraft, Dragoncraft, Forestcraft and Bloodcraft.

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Bloodcraft will lower the user?s leader defense. Once the leader?s defense reached 10 or below, Vengeance will activate. Players must pay attention to the remaining defense of both leaders in order to take advantage of certain card abilities.

This deck will deal damage to the enemy while also dealing a certain amount of damage to the user. It has powerful spells and allies that can deal bonus damage to the opposing leaders. Players can use the followers from early to mid part of the battle and then follow up with unavoidable spells to completely defeat the enemy.

Diabolic Drain will absorb the enemy?s defenses. When Vengeance is present, this card will only cost?4 less.

Dire Bond is very useful when the user wants to enter Vengeance state while preventing from draining the entire defense points. Defense points will return back to the user.

Queen Vampire can summon two Forest Bats and give Forest Bats Wards. This card has a high survival rate and can protect the followers present in the area.

Dragon Craft is a class card that gives the user an extra play orbs in the beginning of a match. Letting the user use?powerful cards before the opponent. It is best to have cards that give the users an extra play point orbs, be sure to redraw if necessary.

It uses cards like Aiela, Dragon Knight, and Dragon Oracle to increase the user?s play points to overpower the enemy. Each of the cards has a powerful dragons. This deck will surely struggle at the beginning.

It is important to increase the user?s play points and make sure to use their chance of redrawing before the battle begins to be able to get Dragon Knight, Dragon Oracle or Aiela.

Genesis Dragon has the ability to steal the enemy?s defense in one blow by 30%

Zirnitra can summon 5 dragon followers

Dark Dragoon Forte is a legendary card that cannot be attacked if Overflow is active

Forestcraft is a card that will fill the user?s hand with many low-cost Fairy followers. This makes it easier to play multiple cards in one turn and activate other Forestcraft cards? abilities, giving the user more power.

Rhinoceroach can deal enormous damage that can be combined with cards that are able to return followers to the user?s hand.

Altered Fate can be used to discard a card and be able to draw another. Users can draw a card for each time they discard one.

Ancient Elf can return other allied followers to the user?s hand and gain plus 1 for each follower returned.

Havencraft, once the number in countdown amulets reaches 0, the amulet is destroyed. Some countdown amulets summon powerful followers; others have different effects. Countdown amulets can be sped up or destroyed by other cards

Holy Sentinel, can subtract one from this amulet?s countdown for each enemy follower and amulet in play. Can also be able to summon a Guardian Fox.

Moon Al-mi?raj, can fully restore the user?s followers defense at the end of the turn.

Satan can replace the user?s deck with an Apocalypse Deck that has a few powerful cards and high attack.

These are the card classes and their own variety of followers. Players must take their time to learn them and their strategic roles in battle, to increase the winning chance over their opponents.

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