Shadowgate: Rebirth Of A Classic Adventure Puzzle Game Where Death Awaits You Around Every Corner

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In 1987 Karl Roelofs and Dave Marsh created a game for the Macintosh, a point and click adventure game called Shadowgate. It was an early example of a graphical game.

The Return of Shadowgate

After 25 years and backed by an army of Kickstarters, the two friends will once again launch Shadowgate. Roelofs tells this story, ?A few years when Doublefine was getting the ground going with retro games on Kickstarter, Dave and I looked at each other and said ?Why not? Why not do Shadowgate right???

Roelofs further elaborates, ?It was tantamount to making a new game?We did a bunch of different things to try and mixed it up for old-time fans and make it refreshing for them as well as new players.?

In a way, this is more of a new game rather than a recreation, a lot of the old elements are still in the game but a number of scenes have a different outcome from the original.

Added Elements

One element added to the new Shadowgate is cutscenes. The creators added 2D and hand-painted cut scenes during the game?s critical moments. Shadowgate?s main strength is still the puzzles but the castle now looks more realistic as compared to the original scenes.

The creators also devised a number ways to help newcomers survive the game. The new version of Shadowgate offers three difficulty settings, where the hardest level is almost the same with the original version. The lowers settings may give hints to the answer or allow more errors for the player.

To compensate for the quick deaths of the player during the game, an auto or quick save feature has been introduced. Maps have also been added that will mark the items you have examined.

Game Control

The game keeps the original game controls but it also added shortcuts for keyboard and contextual commands. There is also an option to remap the controls.

For those who want to stick to the original game, a retro mode is also available. In Retro, the graphics and soundtrack from the original NES 8-bit version is used.

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