Shadow Warrior: Europe Content Exclusive Includes Hotline Miami Reference

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The game Shadow Warrior,?by the same developers who created Hotline: Miami, is going to be made available in both digital and UK game stores this coming September 26. Bandai Namco, the game distributor, confirms that the game will be available for Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

This release will be including some content exclusive stuff for the consoles, which includes an arena mode with wave-based battles, weapons from known titles like Serious Sam 3 (sledgehammer), Hotline Miami (Zilla Enterprises? Z45 Katana), and of course, the classic Shadow Warrior katana. A new campaign is also added into the mix, featuring the head of the Zilla Corporation.

“Our fans have been very vocal about bringing Shadow Warrior to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One so we’re absolutely thrilled to be working with our friends at Bandai Namco to have Wang bring a sword to a gunfight,” Fork Parker, Developer Digital CFO stated.

Shadow Warrior was initially released by the same group of people who worked on Hotline Miami, publisher Devolver Digital after getting greenlit on the Steam Greenlight page for the software which they called Blade Analyzer Pro. The supposedly blade-scanning program was said to be Zilla Enterprises? creation, which leads to a theory that the fictional character, Lo Wang, of the original game?s main character, battled against Zilla Enterprises after deciding to quit his bodyguard job in the corporation.

The original game was released for PC back in September 26, 2013 and??it got mixed reactions for its unique gameplay, over-the-top action, and ?vivid looking colors of the surroundings (which turns red in a few minutes once the character you control steps in). The game has a lot of dark humor, which reminds us of those one-liners from the classic Duke Nukem games we grew up on. It might even be a good contender for the goriest fps game created, since the Soldier of Fortune series.

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