Shadow Warrior 2 PS4 And Xbox One Release Date Confirmed By Devolver Digital [Update]

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shadow of warrior 2
Shadow Warrior 2 has an official console release date. [Image from Steam]

It looks like the wait for Shadow Warrior 2 on consoles is going to end, thanks to an official confirmation from the game’s publisher. The shooter has been an anticipated one, due to the positive reviews and sales it has gotten on PC. Fans knew the developers were planning a Spring release, but no one expected it to come out on May 16.

WCCFTech previously reported that the most recent issue of PlayStation Magazine has listed May 16 as the game’s release date, though there were no official statement from the developers and publishers at the time. Just recently, Devolver Digital Chief Financial Officer Fork Parker recently responded to a certain fan asking him to confirm if insider Wario64’s tweet that the game is launching on PS4 and Xbox One next week is real. Parker simply tweeted “confirmed” on Wario64’s post. Since it ended up being true, fans might want to scurry to retail stores this Tuesday and get it.

Shadow Release Date 2

Since the first game came out on consoles, it only makes sense for Shadow Warrior 2 to do the same. The developers announced a console version with all the DLC, just no release date aside from the aforementioned spring window. Now that Devolver Digital has confirmed the release, one wonders why they didn’t announce it earlier, though the source could be wrong.

Giving a game a stealth release date isn’t always good, especially when other high profile titles are coming out. May 16 will have Injustice 2 and The Purge, along with JRPG Akiba’s Beat, so that’s some stiff competition. One could argue that each game appeals to a different person, so this is a wait and see situation.

Lurking In The Shadows

Until more details are revealed, it’s easy to assume that the Shadow Warrior 2 release date for consoles is real. Since an important member of the publisher has confirmed it, we just have to wait for an official launch trailer and other related materials. While the release date is a bit questionable, the game’s reputation could be enough to get big sales.

Gamers quite liked the first Shadow Warrior, which was a reboot of an older shooter that didn’t get much attention. The reboot actually improved upon it in big ways and many consider it to be one of the more fun shooters available. As for the sequel, it has also gotten plenty of praise from critics, so fans will want to check this out when it’s finally available.

Shadow Warrior 2 is currently available on PC and Steam, with the console versions scheduled for next week. The console versions will come out on May 16, they will be available on the PS4 and Xbox One, with all previously released DLC.


The game’s developer have officially announced that Shadow Warrior 2 is coming digitally on May 19.

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