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Shadow Of War
Screenshot Captured From Shadow Of War Reveal Trailer

The internet was on a frenzy yesterday after a leak surfaced regarding a sequel to the hit action game, Shadow of Mordor. Now that there’s a gameplay reveal coming up, there are already a few ideas running through the minds of fans. Despite them not being able to fully see the game yet, fans are already excited for the sequel. Here are a few gameplay features that fans want for Shadow of War.

No Tweaks To The Nemesis System

One of the best features of Shadow of Mordor was the unique and thrilling Nemesis System. This system propelled Shadow of Mordor into the game that fans loved, and tweaking it isn’t a good idea on the part of Monolith Productions. So far, we haven’t seen anything wrong with the original system introduced in the first game, so there should be no changes in the current gameplay feature

Orc Wars!

According to the leak, Talion will be able to build an orc army of his own. This is a pretty exciting feature and Monolith Productions can use this opportunity to simulate massive wars we see in The Lord of the Rings films. We’ve yet to know exactly how this whole army building feature will work out, but orc wars sound really nice.

Base Building

On the topic of building an army, the only place for Talion to keep these armies in Shadow of War is by building a base. Allowing players to rebuild or to fortify a fortress for Talion to call his own would be a really neat feature that can give players more and more hours of game time.

In Shadow of Mordor, fans can attack and kill officers set in a specific base. Hopefully, fans can take over these bases and use it as their own in Shadow of War. It doesn’t have to be as in-depth as Fallout 4’s base building, but we’d like for Talion to have an area to call his own.


Shadow of Mordor puts emphasis on single player gameplay, and the first game didn’t even have a multiplayer option. Now that the game will have army building, it would be  neat to give players the chance to pit their respective enemies against each other.

More Guest Characters

The first game takes place between the 60-year gap of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. The game’s story is canon, but sadly, players only got to see Gollum and Sauron from the series. The franchise has a ton of interesting characters, and it would be neat to see some of them in Shadow of War.

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