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Shadow Of War Minas Ithil Could Be The Game’s Tutorial Area

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A New Area To Explore In Shadow Of War
Minas Ithil In Shadow Of War [Image Courtesy Of IGN First Video]

The sequel to Shadow of Mordor is sizing up to be an amazing game as it has a ton of improvements from the original title. We are seeing more and more of the game ahead of the launch date and we couldn’t be more excited. A new gameplay showcase for Shadow of War was recently revealed and it could give us a look at the game’s tutorial area.

A gameplay showcase courtesy of IGN gave players an in-depth look at changes that will come to Shadow of War. First off, it seems like we’ve just gotten a look at where Talion’s journey in the sequel will start out. In Shadow of Mordor, players started out at the Black Gate of Mordor but this time around, the starting area is in Minas Ithil.

From the get-go, it’s obvious that Monolith Productions is set out to make a ton of improvements from the formula of the first game, one of which is the size and depth of areas in the sequel. The gameplay showcase could’ve been a good indicating factor of just how big the areas are in Shadow of War.

From the look of things, it seems like Minas Ithil is the starting area in the game. A few signs reveal that it will serve as the tutorial area of the game, one of which are the gameplay hints that appear before Talion does a couple of things including initiating combat and interrogating an Uruk. Another indicator is that Talion faced off against basic enemies.

Minas Ithil is pretty large and its scale was showcased during the part where Talion had to escape the Uruk army. It took a while before the player reached the objective area and this is just the starting area. In Shadow of Mordor, the starting area was significantly smaller and it took only a few minutes to fully explore it. If this is indeed the case, then other areas in the game could be even bigger.

Other New Things Sighted

One of the new things players should’ve noticed is the UI overhaul when checking out the Nemesis system. In Shadow of War, it seems like each area will have its own sets of Uruk commanders unlike in the first game where the Uruk commanders for the entire area was visible.

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