Shadow Of War Gear And Equipment System Detailed In New Video

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A Menu In Shadow Of War
Talion’s Equipment Menu In Shadow Of War [Image Captured From IGN First Video]

It seems Monolith Productions learned a lot from Shadow of Mordor because the upcoming sequel is looking more better than ever. Fans are excited to see how Talion’s journey will size up in the sequel and we’re getting a look at more details about the upcoming title. A new video reveals the improvements that Monolith Productions made for Shadow of War in terms of gears and equipment.

A new IGN First video gives us a glimpse of how players can further improve Talion in Shadow of War. Through gears and equipment, Talion can be a one man army if players have the right pieces of equipment. Here are all the details for the game’s gear and equipment system.

More Options And New Styles

In Shadow of Mordor, players can only equip new swords, daggers and bows for Talion. In the sequel, players will have access to Talion’s armor and accessories. Another improvement are additional slots for equipment for his entire armor, cape, and runes where he can inscribe his Ring of Power.

Each equipment option will give a boosts to Talion’s abilities. Swords will increase melee attack, daggers and capes will increase stealth, the armor will increase health, and bows will power ranged attacks. As for the Ring of Power, runes will be capable of a ton of bonuses. Armor pieces can also increase stealth and capes can also increase health and it will depend on what Talion picks up.

Another exciting feature coming to Shadow of War is that each piece of equipment will change Talion’s appearance. Unlike in the first game, Talion’s appearance will change depending on the equipment he has.

Another thing worth noting about the equipment is that there are varying rarities to pick up. In the video, we get to see Common, Epic and Legendary equipment. We’ve yet to know exactly how many rarities there are but players can expect huge differences in terms of power between the weapons.

Set Bonuses

Players shouldn’t always mix and match equipment. There will be a lot of sets to complete and if players do manage to complete the sets, they’ll be given a few bonuses that would make Talion even stronger. Aside from better stats, players will also gain a few bonuses as well. As for the other bonuses, players can expect updates like added effects to attacks and higher stealth damage in some situations.


Monolith Productions is really amping up the RPG-elements of the game and that’s why in Shadow of War, players will have to take out commanders and other creatures to get a hold of some of the best equipment in the game. Another part of grinding will include how players will unlock the special but locked abilities of weapons. The special conditions to unlock the abilities include doing very specific tasks like stealth killing an enemy that’s on fire.

Some weapons can be equipped with gems which can be picked up from enemies. These gems provide bonuses to weapons, but players will have to unlock gem slots on pieces of equipment first. Doing this is simple as all players would need to do is spend a few of the in-game currency.

Other Things Found In The Footage

From the trailer, we can see that the best equipment in the game are gathered from commanders. These powerful enemies have a lot of mechanics to them similar to the first game. In the video, we can see that commanders require a lot more planning this time around as there quite a few bonuses that they have access to. Aside from susceptibilities and strengths, these enemies also have bonuses that would aid them in battle.


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