Shadow Of Mordor : The Behind The Scene Trailer Released!

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Have you heard of the latest about the Shadow of Mordor?

Warner Bros. has revealed a behind the scene look of one of the most anticipated games ? the Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor, giving fans the chance to see how their most awaited game is being crafted for good.

In the video below, you?d see actor Troy Baker, who voices protagonist Talion, and Christian Antamessa, co-writer and cinematic director of the game, imparting how the game is being done to give you what you?re looking for.

As discussed in the video, Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor is a new story set between the events that transpired in the The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. You, as the player would be put in control of Talion, a “valiant ranger”. Talion?s family has been killed in front of him the night Sauron and his army returned to Mordor. This is where the vengeance starts to flow in Talion?s spirit.

After Talion was killed, he was then resurrected by a spirit of vengeance. He heads back into Mordor for revenge against those who killed him and his family.

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Aside from the cinematic effect, the game will also come with a ‘Nemesis System’, in which the enemy relationships and characteristics would be much clearer and would be shaped by the actions and decisions the player makes throughout the game. The system will let players ?remember what ?enemies had done to them so they would react accordingly.

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Furthermore, to give fans the chance to discuss more about the game, the Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor will be having a talk at San Diego Comic Con on July 25 which will be called ?Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor ? How the Nemesis System evolves new-generation storytelling in games, and explores the history of the Rings of power?. Here, fans could expect the team to discuss the nemesis system, the secret history of the Rings of Power and how they relate to the Wraith, new story elements, Gollum and how he fits into the game, and the reveal of a brand new feature trailer.

Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor would be out in the market on October 7.

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