SGN Brings Gamers and Aspiring Developers Together on Social Networks

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The community game development revolution continues. The Social Gaming Network (SGN) provides an avenue for budding developers to showcase their games on social networks like Facebook and MySpace. The hub features over 50 games including the highly addictive Jetman. Developers who are interested in getting on board and checking out the “Game Bar” and “Gaming Hub” can check out their website.

SGN is leading the way in the social gaming industry with more games in their network than any other social gaming platform. With 60 games tapping into the SGN Game Bar in the last few weeks since its launch, SGN is the clear leader in attracting developers and capturing the coveted social gaming audience with 4.9 million total installs and more than 800,000 daily users.

Developers are reporting significant increases in audience reach and the gaming graph network effect is in full swing with more than 600,000 cumulative clicks for all the games. The company continues to revolutionize online gaming – far ahead of competitors and putting developers and the social gaming experience first.

Also, SGN is already now on MySpace with six games that tap into the vast MySpace audience. Coming soon: The MySpace Game Bar – and more ways for developers to expose their games to the millions of potential players involved in social network platforms. So you or any of your staff can go test out the programs yourself. SGN will launch the Game Feed, which allows users to see who is playing what and scores and rankings for their friends (similar to the Facebook Newsfeed). Players can get the feature from the Gaming Hub and developers can include it in their own games as a widget and customize it- just another example of how SGN is providing the tools to help developers make the most of their games.

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