See these Sexy Swimsuits from Naruto, Sailormoon, Evangelion and More!

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To all the otakus who would want to level up their fandom, you may now pay homage to your favorite anime characters by cosplaying on the beach! Here?s a list of strikingly gorgeous anime-inspired swimwear (sexy body not included!) that you can choose from: Evangelion, Sailormoon, Totoro, Free, and Naruto.

Neon Genesis Evangelion – In the series, plugsuits are custom-designed for every Eva pilot and on it is the pilot?s designated Evangelion number. These plugsuits contain devices that monitor the pilot?s health condition, it has an internal clock that displays the battery level of an Eva.

Here are the plugsuits of Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley Sohryu, and Mari Makinami Illustrious in swimsuit version. These Eva one-piece swimsuits are made of spandex and are sold online for $28.85.




Mari Makinami Swimsuit



My Neighbor Totoro – One of Japan?s cultural icons is a ?keeper of the forest? named Totoro. ?He is known for having big eyes and an almost creepy smile with teeth.

Inspired by his signature look, this classy, Totoro one-piece bathing suit will surely make you a standout on the beach. This piece is said to retail at also a standout price of ?$95!


Totoro Swimsuit

Sailormoon – One of the most celebrated heroines in the anime world. These pretty guardians in sailor outfits are tasked to save the planet from the forces of evil while looking cutesy in their short sailor dresses.

This Sailormoon inspired monokini will let you relive your youthful days of swooning over Tuxedo Mask. Sold online for only $7.99. Available in red, blue and green.?


Sailormoon Swimsuit

Free! – Iwatobi High?s Swim Club is known for their swim-hunk members. Their long time rival is the Samezuka Academy?s Swim Team. Each member wears black jammers with distinct colored lines: Haru – purple; Makoto-green, Rei-blue, Nagisa – pink, and Rin – red.

Be part of Iwatobi Swim Club and make waves in these Free! Anime inspired jammers sold online for $26.99. ?You can also purchase the team jacket to complete the look!?


Free! Anime Swimwear

NarutoThis epic ninja adventure series has become a global phenomenon. With Naruto merchandise sold everywhere, from mugs to toys to wall clocks, it?s no surprise that there are Narto swimsuits as well.

If you belong to the Naruto fandom, you can now strut on the poolside or beach – ninja style in this Naruto swimsuit. Available online for only $12.72.?


Naruto Swimsuit

Which of these did you like best? Let us know in the comments section below.

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