Seven Year Switch Updates: Brad, Tallena Ink With Matching Compass Tattoos!

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Seven Year Switch alumni couple Tallena and Brad found a way to bury the hatchet brought about by the social experiment show before. These include several heartbreaks due to certain relationships created during the filming of the reality series between experimental partners.

Tallena and Brad both inked themselves with matching tattoos. This after the controversial ankle tattoos of the former and her partner in Seven Year Switch, Tim. The matching inks of Tallena and Tim almost caused a breakup between the latter and his real-life partner Jackie.

As for Tallena and Brad, they recently posted on Instagram their matching honeymoon compass tattoos. The post had a caption: ?Matching honeymoon tats (sic). ‘Long used as an image for protection and guidance through life.?

This might put an end to the controversial issues involving Tallena, Tim and Jackie. The latter broke down because of the dice tattoo that Tallena and Tim had gotten. But now, she can breathe normally as it put a period to the close relationship between Tim and Tallena.

Just a brief background, Jackie bared how upset she was when she learned about the matching tattoos of the love of her life and his partner on the show. ?Honestly, I said if those tattoos were real, I was done. Because that’s just screwed,? Jackie said as mentioned in Daily Mail Online article.

Fortunately, at the end of the Seven Year Switch, love wins. Jackie and Tim, and Tallena and Brad had found each other back to the person they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with. Jackie is now pregnant and the revelation came as soon as the series ended.

Going back to Brad and Tallena, it appears that the two are making the most out of their relationship. It just keeps on getting better and stronger day by day. Just last week, the lovers celebrated Brad?s 29th birthday in a mini golf course, which they uploaded as a snap on Instagram.

The two enjoyed playing golf together while thanking those who have greeted him on his special occasion. Tallena even uploaded a video of Brad with a hole-in-one. However, she insisted that hers is better.

Admit it or not, it appears that the series somehow helped Brad and Tallena to find the true value of each other. Despite swapping partners, the couple remained together after the show. Brad even asked Tallena to be his lawfully wedded wife for the second time during the finale of Seven Year Switch. The two tied the knot last month.

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