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Seven Year Switch Australia 2016 Rumors: Tim to Finally Get Rid of His Controversial Tattoo? Here?s What Jackie Has to Say

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Seven Year Switch Australia

Quite a few months had passed since the shooting for the Seven Year Switch Australia was wrapped. But it looks like Jackie is not over Tim?s controversial tattoo yet.

To say that Australia?s hit series, the Seven Year Switch, exposed a lot of controversies, is an understatement. ?Rumor has it that Jackie?s ire is not completely gone over the fact that Tim and Tallena were tattooed together. They were experiment partners from the show.

Tim and Tallena have gotten themselves permanent tattoos on the reality series. This had caused Jackie, Tim?s real life partner, to be unhappy. And though he initially admitted that he is the laid-back type, Tim was aware that he had crossed the line.

Though Jackie wants Tim?s tattoo to be removed, things have apparently gotten better between the couple. They are now engaged and are pregnant with their first child.

Tim could be ready to erase everything that could remind both of them of Tallena. He and Jackie are reportedly spotted at a tattoo removal clinic in the Gold Coast this week.

And while speculations are quick to circulate that Tim will finally get rid of the tattoo, Jackie confirmed that their visit to the tattoo clinic does not mean they are finally doing it. She was able to clarify that their true intention of visiting the clinic was only to obtain a quote.

Based on the last few episodes of the Seven Year Switch, Jackie was unsurprisingly very vocal about her not wanting the tattoo. She said she wanted nothing to do with Tim unless she sees him without it. Tim?s partner was extremely angry when she found out that he and Tallena had matching tattoos.

When reconciliations were made on the final series of the Seven Year Switch, Jackie and Tim were able to fix their relationship. Jackie said she realized that the tattoo did not really mean anything.

In the season finale, a proposal was made and things between the couple were settled.


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