Seven New Games to Watch Out For After E3 2014

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Metal Gear Solid Screen Capture from Official Website
Metal Gear Solid Screen Capture from

E3 has come and gone, and after another successful showing at Los Angeles, there are some notable take-aways from it. There are seven new games in particular that stood out above the rest and suffice to say that they made this year unique. Last year?s E3 heralded the rise of new consoles from top makers Sony and Microsoft. This year, avante-garde ideas and new, exciting games took the floor.

Teasers ran amuck at this year?s showing, particularly a new Zelda, the fourth installment in the Uncharted series, and a new Crackdown. Still, the focus of this is the games that are coming in the here and now. There was a healthy variety of games in this year?s event, though these seven stood out. Here they are:


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

There had to be another Metal Gear game in the works, and finally, we saw it. The demonstration was held behind closed doors, and the best part of it is the new innovations in the game. While Metal Gear Solid?s famous for giving you a clear and concise picture of your objectives and task, the open-world environment presents a whole new dimension to the game. There is also the Mother Base, which is fully customisable, and allows for the recruitment of captured or rescued troops.



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As far as multiplayer shooters go, 2K clearly pulled out all the stops on this one. Their booth is nothing short of imaginative, as a big monster welcomes you. The matches goes like this: either you?re on one side, cooperating with three other hunters trying to take down a monster, or you play as the monster, going on your own against four opponents. The matches are crisp, fast, and furious, while the monsters are?well, furious, and balanced as well.


Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady is to be credited for breathing new life into a Gotham City that?s as dark as ever, but with the Dark Knight prowling the streets, that darkness is more an ally than a foe. The new Batmobile, looking like the one from the Christian Bale movies, looks awesome. The demo showed how the game goes into transition between fast-paced combat to the investigation and puzzle solving unique to the Arkham series.


Dragon Age: Inquisition

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A promising Dragon Age game that is expected to be unlike the earlier ones, this is Inquisition?s best work so far. It is epic, and rightfully so, your decisions and actions in game has a large effect on the world where it is set. The combat is by far one of the best features because of the tactical camera mode. And don?t lament the storyline: BioWare hasn?t failed on delivering a gripping storyline just yet, and it?s not about to fail now.


Eve Valkyrie

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This is a game that makes full use of the Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus headsets. While the demo was only three minutes long, this virtual reality dogfighter?s potential makes one feel like a child once again. With the headsets, you feel as if you?re inside the cockpit of the fighter and you?re surrounded by the vast space of the Eve universe. It gives you the full feeling of the pilot, up to the anticipation of looking for bogeys, down to looking at your own body clad in your spacesuit.



Nintendo?s biggest revelation in this game is the new Zelda, but the game Splatoon is a real pleasant surprise. You may have been looking for a game that?s simple and fun to play; well, this is it. Splatoon eschews violence for a fun time. It plays like an online shooter, but it?s more sugar-saccharine sweet fun. The objective is to cover the floor with your team?s color in order to win the game. This is essential because you can traverse the map quicker (by turning into a squid). No violence here, folks, just fun.


Rainbow Six Siege

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Another Rainbow Six title, and it?s no surprise that Ubisoft is at it again. One of the best hands-on demo in the event, this game puts you in as a member of a five-man team that dukes it out inside a suburban home. One team infiltrates while the other defends, and the other team holds a hostage. It?s more like a simulation S.W.A.T strike, if you will.


That?s it for this year?s E3 and their unsurprising bag of goodies. Now that you have seven games here to look out for, the question is, which one would you get first?

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