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Seven Knights Update: Four Lords Guaranteed Summon, Rising Star Quest, And New Costumes

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The Netmarble team recently finished their update and added a new patch to their game, Seven Knights. The Seven Knights update has new surprises in store for us.

With the latest Seven Knights update, expect to encounter more good news and awesome additions. Let?s check some of them out, shall we?

Four Lords Guaranteed Summon

Due to the overwhelming 30 million (and still increasing) downloads of the app, the Netmarble team is offering a limited time sale to their newly added Four Lords Guaranteed Summon. Here you can acquire either Four Lords or Four Lords of the Old.

Players can acquire 3-6 star heroes from 10+1 Four Lords Guaranteed Summons similar to the regular 3-6 star (10+1) Hero Summon. They will randomly acquire one of the Four Lords. These would be Sun Wukong, Lu Bu and Ace (this will be on your fourth draw).

Also, you will randomly get one of the Four Lords of the Old. Your choices this time are Karma, Rin and Teo (this will be on your 10th draw).

The cost of this draw will be 300 rubies each. Better hurry up and draw as much as you can because the event will only last until the end of this update.

New Quest

A new quest has been added to the game as well. It is called ? Rising Star” and you can find this quest at the main lobby.

Each day will feature a different quest for the players to complete. If they?re successful, they will be rewarded with the corresponding points per quest.

Once the points are accumulated, you can now claim a reward that matches the amount of points you have. Be reminded that you can only trade a particular reward once for your points.

For the complete list of rewards, points and quests, you can check it out here. This event will end on December 14 at 11:59 pm (UTC+0).

New Costumes

There are a total of three new costumes that will be released in the update. Check them out and see if your heroes look great on them. These three costumes are Lee Jung-Witch Hunter, Sera- Ice Witch and Nezha- Halloween Party.

Another good news is these costumes are on sale until December 12 at 12 am (UTC) for Asian players and at 09:00 (UTC) for global players.

There are still tons of new add-ons to the latest Seven Knights update by Netmarble. For the full details, you can view them here. These are just appetizers for all you hungry gamers out there.

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