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Seven Knights Event Update: Guild War Season 5 And Brand New Accumulated Purchase Reward Now Available!

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If you are a fan of role-playing app games, then you should consider Seven Knights. Now, with the Seven Knights update, allies have become more powerful and you can participate in their newest Guild Wars, thanks to the people behind Netmarble.

The Seven Knights update has been released with the fifth season of Guild War. If you had a blast with the last season, you can relive it again in this one. You can now once again have the opportunity to battle opponents and other knights. Furthermore, you can now participate in ?Castle War? and ?Guild War? for more awesome rewards.

The said event will last from November 17 to November 22. The players who will participate in the ?Castle Rush? criteria for more than three times will earn four to six star Rice Cake Tickets, while players who participate in the ?Guild War? for more than one time will get three star Element Ticket.

With that in mind, take note that the players must have at least one attack point in two rounds of each content. Furthermore, the players will receive the rewards for each content if they meet the requirement for both contents. Each reward will also be given just once.

The latest ?Netmarble Seven Knights update has finally focused on the character known as Jave. Jave is the King of physical area of effect (AOE) but is weak when it comes to Castle Rush and Raid. However, he is extremely good in Arena and ruby farming.

A guild member who has 10 or more coins and is currently in a guild with 10,000 points will be able to purchase Jave?s new costume. Players who purchased his costume will receive it during the next game maintenance.

Aside from the Seven Knights update on the fifth Guild War, there is also an ?Accumulative System? for rewards available. Here, players can trade in Alice points for a Hero selector, Rice Cake and Transcender Fina. Points will also be given depending on the amount of purchase of the player. You can view the complete list on the official?forum of the game.

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