Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 Release Soon As Manga Tops Charts?

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The Seven Deadly Sins season 2 is likely to be released sooner than expected. There are talks that season 2 will premiere in early 2017 because manga creator Nakaba Suzuki needs to finish several chapters. However, Suzuki may be motivated to work on them since his 19th Volume has topped the weekly manga chart in Japan.

According to Crunchyroll, The Seven Deadly Sins 19th tankobon volume has become the top-selling manga of the week when it was released on Feb. 17. Based on Oricon Style?s report, the popular fantasy manga series of Suzuki has sold 350,720 copies in its first week.

This is the fourth time that The Seven Deadly Sins manga has topped the chart. The series? 14th volume was the first to achieve the feat of being weekly no.1 back in April 2015.

This clearly shows that Suzuki is getting even better in his craft and the series is earning more readers. He is now next to Eiichiro Oda, who always tops in annual gross sales. In 2015, The Deadly Sins manga sold a total of 10,304,112 copies. The increase of sales was ?2.2 times more than previous year’s 4,633,246.?

It is not surprising then that the manga now has its own anime adaptation with the same name. Korean Portal says that the first season of The Seven Deadly Sins ended in March 2015. It is safe to assume that The Seven Deadly Sins season 2 will premiere around the same month this 2016. This revelation was first announced by Anime News Network, which stated that season 2 was already green-lit in September last year. Most fans take ANN?s word since it has been a reliable source of information as far as manga and anime news are concerned.

Brace yourself as we provide more updates of your favorite The Seven Deadly Sins in the coming days.

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