Setting The Record Straight On GTAIV DLC

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I posted my bullets from the Microsoft Blogger Breakfast the other day and some info about GTAIV was taken out of context…well sort of.  People are claiming that Microsoft announced the game would be as big as Vice City/San Andreas.   I posted comments on some of the bullets and putting 2 and 2 together I came up with some facts and opinion on GTAIV.  Here are the facts:

  • Rockstar has announced that the 360 version will be the definitive version
  • Microsoft said at the breakfast that no other platform will get this DLC.  It’s exclusive to them and to them only.  From what was said, and Brian Crecente even questioned it, Playstation 3 won’t be getting any additional content for GTAIV.  This could mean that they get it later or they get completely different content.  We don’t know at this time.
  • Microsoft paid $50 million for the content.  If you haven’t been in a coma you should know that entire games have been developed for less than $50 million dollars.  If you think that the $50 million is just for some new cars, characters and ice cream truck side missions, you are horribly mistaken.

Now for the opinions:

  • GTA3 was the first in a trilogy of games.  Vice City and San Andreas used the same engine that GTA3 was built on. 
  • Rockstar stated that if the DLC is successful on the 360, it will give them a new outlet for releasing content.   A monkey could figure out that with GTAIV, they could release a GTAIV Palm Beach Stories and GTAIV New Jack City games strictly through downloads
  • $50 million is in Rockstars pockets right now.  This is before ANY game sales.  It’s almost free money.  Rockstar knows good business and this is good business.  Just like it was good business when Sony paid them for a 1 year exclusivity on GTA3.  Microsoft knows that GTA3 is the game that pretty much gave the PS2 so much success.  They aren’t just gonna sit back and let it happen again.  Now it’s their turn.  Who knows, with GTAV Sony may get the jump on MS.  Touche!
  • You can expect this content to be huge.  I’d say several gigs worth.  Since there’s no manufacturing cost involved and the game could cost between $19-$29 dollars.  Again, we aren’t talking new car and music downloads.  This DLC will most likely be a huge assortment of missions and new areas opened up.  It may even be a brand new storyline using the GTAIV engine.  Also, you know that with GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas were released shortly after the first game.  Expect the same to happen with GTAIV. 
  • If you have both the 360 and the PS3 and you choose the PS3 version, you will be missing out on some great content.  Either way, both versions of the original game will be awesome and no one should feel bad about that.

I’m sorry if some misunderstood the facts from my comments.  That was my fault.  The rest you can take with a grain of salt.

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