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I Am Setsuna: Pre-Order Bonus Dynamic Themes And Exclusive Digital Track Revealed By Square Enix

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I am Setsuna

While most RPG fans are excited for Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3, there is also an old-school RPG called I am Setsuna that has captured the interest of many gamers. The game?s dark story and Chrono Trigger-inspired combat has fans excited for the title. It comes out next month on PS4 and PC as a downloadable title.

To capitalize on the excitement, Square Enix revealed some lovely art for the title and announced that the game can be pre-ordered. According to Gematsu, those who pre-order the game on the PSN store will gain access to two dynamic themes for the current-gen console and a digital track called Eternal Winter. PC fans who pre-order the game on Steam will get an exclusive digital track called Warmth of Hope.

The artwork is lovely and lets players see each character properly. Considering how the actual game makes the characters look much smaller like in classic RPGs, the neat art is very much appreciated by the fans.

It seems like the Western version of I am Setsuna won?t be coming to the PS Vita, unlike in Japan. This is a shame, since the turn-based RPG looks perfect for Sony?s handheld, though the lack of quality games in its library and poor sales might be the reason it won?t be gracing the platform.

Fans have complained about the game not coming to Vita, but it should still be fun on the PS4 and PC. The game?s combat is based on Chrono Trigger after all, a SNES title that many claim is one of the best RPGs ever released. Gamers who love that classic title should definitely consider pre-ordering this digital-only game.

Some fans might be turned off at the fact that it is digital only, but it definitely looks like a quality title. The US$40 price might be a bit much for some, which has made fans wonder why it isn?t getting a retail release.

I am Setsuna will be coming to the PS4 and PC next month via PSN and Steam. Look out for the game on July 19.

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