Seth MacFarlane Confirms New ?Family Guy? Movie: New Plot Based On Video Game? Another Stewie Adventure In the Works?

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After 14 grueling seasons, ?Family Guy? might finally have another movie that fans have been waiting for. Fans have been looking forward to a new movie for their favorite cartoon series but creator Seth MacFarlane hasn?t been giving any insight at all as to what their plans are for another full length movie. For now, at least we know that MacFarlane is still interested.

Check out the post from Seth MacFarlane below:

It?s been a decade since the first ?Family Guy? movie was created, but now that MacFarlane gave us a hint for another upcoming film, fans can expect more news and details ?soon.? Although that?s the only word the creator gave us, it?s still an improvement from no news at all.

According to reports, Family Guy director and producer Peter Shin said during the Sand Diego Comic-Con 2014 that there was already a movie on the work but was put on hold due to MacFarlane?s other project (Ted 2). The first movie of ?Family Guy,? called ?Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story,? went straight to DVD which was released in 2005. It was then split into three parts for TV the following year.

Unfortunately, there?s still no information regarding the plot for the next ?Family Guy? movie and if it will come to theaters. The plot of the previous movie involved Stewie finding a man that he thinks is his real father, so if they plan on continuing the plot for the next one, it definitely won?t be centered on Stewie. There are speculations from fans that the next movie will be based on the ?Family Guy? game, but we?ll let you know more once MacFarlane reveals more.

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