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Because of the pandemic, several companies are now more open to building their team with remote workers through freelance platforms like Fiverr Business.

Fiverr Business is a freelance platform tailor-made for larger teams and businesses. Unlike several freelance platforms, Fiverr Business is designed to support corporate partners and departments to collaborate while managing projects with freelance talent on a subscription basis.

Its mission is to change how the world works together. The Fiverr platform connects businesses of all sizes with skilled freelancers offering digital services in more than 400 categories, across 8 verticals including, graphic design, digital marketing, programming, video, and animation.

Fiverr Business is all about collaboration. Their business tool allows you to organize and manage all your projects, communication, deliveries, and budgeting in one dashboard. You can share a payment method with team members, save and share favorite sellers for quick access, and contact a dedicated Fiverr Business Success Manager to help you find the right sellers.

A recent survey of Fiverr found that over 2,000 businesses globally, 52% are said to allocate more budget to freelance services that can boost your projects and meet deadlines efficiently with the help of talents in the platform.

What benefits can Fiverr give to businesses?

  1. Access a curated freelancer supply, with an additional level of quality assurance (supply is curated using Fiverr’s AI tools and hand-picked by Fiverr customer success managers according to a businesses’ needs)
  2. Exclusive access to Fiverr’s world-class dedicated 24/7 personal executive assistant for account setup, freelance talent matching, and other white glove services
  3. Project management tools to create new projects, manage upcoming orders and organize your team around shared goals and tasks.
  4. Control and track budget approval and project status, manage groups and reporting through governance and administration tools
  5. Communicate and collaborate with in-house team members and external freelancers seamlessly across Fiverr orders without leaving the Fiverr environment
  6. Ability to create the team’s secret black book of trusted freelancers the organization likes working with and privately share it with team members

Businesses are ramping up their use of freelance talent to expand their teams and build rapid scalability without depending on office-based employees. While the pandemic will eventually subside, it remains clear that the notion of remote work and utilizing on-demand freelance talent is here to stay, and now is the time to utilize Fiverr.