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Set the groove and your daily routines at home using this high-quality voice-activated music box

Fix it in any room and talk to everyone without leaving your bed

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Nothing beats good weather at home. Whether doing some chores or working on something, it’s always a pleasure to have an extra liveable atmosphere every time. An added factor that makes you thrive better is a couple of good music. And since you are here, let me share one device that will make staying at home more vibing and groovy.

There’s no better way to enjoy music than with Echo Dot 3!

What is Echo Dot 3?

Echo Dot 3 is one of the latest innovations by Amazon that works significantly better than its old speakers. This device comes with voice-activated features, serving your convenience without having to lose momentum with what you’re doing. Its high-quality sound output will make your senses enjoy songs from all compatible platforms.

Why should I have it?

Echo Dot 3 is not your typical speaker. Aside from amplifying your favorite playlist, it lets you set your routine for the day, like turning the lights on, locking the doors, and adjusting the thermostat. There’s so much more you can enjoy with this device since this is Alexa-enabled. Of these functions are tracking your fitness progress or starting games using voice commands alone.

What music streaming platforms can it control?
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Sirius XM
  • Amazon Music, and more

How loud can it get?

Not every time will you like chest-pumping subwoofers. So, Echo Dot 3 has a synchronize feature that will let you pair the device with another Echo Dot. You can leave it in a different room and talk to your mate or install both in your entertainment room for quality stereo sound.

$34.99 $39.99

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