A Series of Unfortunate Events, Most Expensive Netflix Production Yet

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a series of unfortunate events

Netflix is producing the most expensive series yet under their helm. A Series of Unfortunate Events is coming to the small screen, as revealed by Neil Patrick Harris recently. He will be playing Count Olaf in the new series.

According to the How I Met Your Mother star, the new series based on Lemony Snickett?s books will feature two episodes per book. This way it will be different from the movie, in that it will be able to show more of the events in the books.

Harris felt that while Jim Carrey beautifully portrayed the movie?s Count Olaf, the story itself was truncated to fit in 120-minutes of allotted time. A Series of Unfortunate Events has 13 novels in all. In that case, the movie adaptation has missed out on many of the book elements.

As revealed by Harris on the morning show Live with Kelly, production had already covered 8 episodes of the series, which they had filmed in Vancouver. He shared that his character required him to prepare for 3 hours for his prosthetics every morning while shooting.

Capturing all demographics

Executive producer Barry Sonnenfeld of Men in Black fame directed half of the episodes. He has taken a darker direction than the movie version, but the show is aiming to capture all demographics from kids to adults.

Daniel Handler is the real name behind Lemony Snickett. He is said to be fully involved in creating the series, according to FX News Call. The story is about three Baudelaire orphan siblings,?who are followed by their eccentric criminal uncle, Count Olaf. He is making?an attempt to seize their family?s fortune. The character often wears several disguises to get close to Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire. But a tattoo on his left ankle often distinguishes him.

A Series of Unfortunate Events also stars Malina Weissman as Violet and Louis Hynes as Klaus. The new series has yet to announce a final release date.


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