A Series of Unfortunate Events Coming to Netflix; What We Know So Far

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a series of unfortunate events

Lemony Snickett?s A Series of Unfortunate Events is coming to the small screen. Neil Patrick Harris, who will be playing Count Olaf, confirmed that it is coming officially to Netflix in 2017. Neil broke his silence and told fans on morning talk show Live with Kelly about what can be expected from the most-awaited retelling of the Baudelaire siblings? story.

The How I Met Your Mother star confirmed that Netflix will do two episodes per book. So far they have covered 4 books (8 episodes) in the show. A Series of Unfortunate Events has 13 books in all. According to Harris, this series is Netflix?s most expensive production to date.

Filmed in Vancouver, Harris shares that he does 3 hours of prosthetics in the morning. Executive Producer Barry Sonnenfeld of Men in Black fame, directed half of the episodes, and has taken a darker direction than seen in its earlier movie adaptation which premiered in 2004.

More room to explore

Harris recalls the movie version of the book and thinks that while it was good, he felt the movie was collapsed in a two-hour spectacle. This time, with Season 1 tackling the first 4 books first (from A Bad Beginnings to The Austere Academy), there will be more room to explore and appreciate the adventure of the Baudelaire siblings.

a series of unfortunate events

Neil Patrick Harris plays Count Olaf in Lemony Snickett’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. (Photo Source: US Magazine)

Harris? character Count Olaf is an eccentric criminal, who follows Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire in an attempt to seize their family?s fortune. The character wears several disguises to get close to the orphans, but is often distinguished by the tattoo of an eye on his left ankle. The show is aiming to capture a wide range of audience from children, to teenagers, to adults until the age of forty, who have probably grown up reading the series in their youth.

A Series of Unfortunate Events also stars Malina Weissman as Violet Baudelaire and Louis Hynes as Klaus Baudelaire.


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