Series Creator Hints About Hit Drama Downton Abbey Getting The Axe

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Downton Abbey fans listen up.

downton abbey
You?re in for a treat this year. A fifth installment for this period drama is in the works. But the bad news is it may be the last, so savor every moment with the Crawleys as much as you can.

According to the show?s creator and writer Julian Fellowes, he?s bringing back the British aristocratic family for a fifth season sometime this year but he has hinted that it can be the final season because he?s been commissioned to work on a similar show called The Gilded Age.

downton abbey - lady maryThis new show is for NBC and is also a period drama but tackles the old aristocracy of America in the 1870s.

Fellowes won?t be starting work on this new show, though. He?s currently focusing all his energy on Downton Abbey, so you can all expect nothing short of awesome from this point onwards. However, because he?s confirmed that he?s on board a new show, the likelihood that Downton Abbey is in its last season becomes even scarier.

Why? Surely the NBC won?t be willing to wait for a couple more seasons before they can start production on The Gilded Age, will they?

?I don?t know yet if there is a season six, but it?s not going to go on forever. It won?t be Perry Mason,? he said in an interview.

downton abbey - maggie smithBut don?t start panicking just yet.

We still have enough Downton Abbey episodes to take our minds off its imminent departure. In the United Kingdom episode 3 has just aired. They still have 5 more before the finale. Meanwhile in the United States, the season has just started.

The current season promises to be as exciting as its predecessors. The shows picks up from a tragic event that occurred several months ago. How will the tragedy affect the Crawleys? What impact will this have on the financial aspect of running the estate? Which relationships will flourish and flounder?

These are just some of the questions that will be answered in the fourth installment, so brace yourselves because we?re all in for a whirlwind ride in along with the Crawleys.


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