Serena Williams Lands in Rio For Olympics 2016; Watch Her Sexy, Twerk Video Here

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Serena Williams arrived early in Rio de Janeiro to score her second individual Olympic gold medal at the 2016 Games. Prior to this, she did a playful and sexy video that teaches her audience how to twerk. The 34-year-old tennis star recently appeared in Beyonc? music video and now she has all the guts to twerk her way towards success in the Rio Olympics.

After Williams was spotted with her five bags, she immediately headed to the court to begin her warm-up with her sister and doubles partner, Venus, 36. The sisters were looking calm and relaxed and were even spotted helping one another as they tie their hair. They ensured their long tresses won?t be a distraction as Serena put her locks in a bun while Venus managed her hair in a low ponytail. The two women sported an athletic look in their leggings and long sleeves.

As for Williams? must-see video, she is seen running through various cool moves. She did a warm-up, which was followed by a transition. She also did a ?basic shake,? as how she called it and then she wiggled her bottom so cutely. She wore a yellow top and blue leggings.

In the clip, Williams advised people who want to try the workout to bend their knees and get low. Tummies should be kept tight and then slide ‘and twerk and twerk, and twerk’ in a slow motion while the bottom is also moving.

According to Williams, everyone should at least find time to twerk. She revealed through Self Magazine that she feels honored to be part of Beyonc?’s project. Williams made a cameo in her ?Sorry? single. She shared that though she was nervous, Beyonce was impressed. She said she danced like no one was looking.

Williams already won four Olympic gold medals -one in women’s singles and three in women’s doubles. She and her fans are hoping to get one more victory from this summer?s Games.

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