‘Sentris’: A Game That Brings Out The REAL Musician in You

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It is a rare scenario when a game?s inspiration directly comes from something that is musical. Yes, there?s a good amount of musical games like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Just Dance, Dance Central, Drum Mania, etc. The list could go on and on, but this one video game is putting the ?Music Game? into an entirely different level, and for the better. Sentris is a puzzle AND a music game, where you solve puzzles WHILE making music.

“Making music is a feeling unlike any other. It’s an intense emotional rush, being surrounded by music that’s coming from inside you and your friends. The first time I experienced it, I knew I needed to find a way to share it with everybody.”

Sentris is a far cry from replicating notes and tunes from a certain song like how the music games mentioned above are meant to be played. This game gives you all the tools and the instructions you need to learn in order to create something that is from your own musical imagination, while effectively having you complete certain goals.

Even if the visuals are kept into a minimalistic nature, it helps the game get the meditative feel.

?One thing that’s been interesting to me, is the gap between beginner and expert play. I get to see a lot of beginner play, and everyone is a beginner when they first play the game, and the way it gets talked about is being a very meditative experience, but it becomes less true as you get more advanced. When you become an expert player in Sentris, a huge element of what makes that true is that you’re performing your own music. You become more of a real musician as you get better at the game.” Samantha Kalman, designer of the game told Gamespot.

Though this game may not look as polished like how games like Rocksmith are, once it hits Steam Early Access in August, there?ll be tons of updates for the game like new sounds, new music, better quality analog instrument recordings and other nice stuff.

Check out the video for a preview of how this great game will play out.

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