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Sense8 Season 3 Premiere Spoilers: The Rescue Of Wolfgang & Sun’s Bigger Role

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Sense8 Season 3 Premiere

Sense8 has concluded its sophomore run with war-cries, some serious head-butting and more powerful characters. While the entire run was so gloriously overwhelming, its season finale gave us a truckload of questions than answers. The more pressing one, though, is: Where on earth is Wolfgang?

Warning, there are Season 2 and potential Season 3 spoilers ahead so read at your own risk.

Sense8 Season 3 Premiere: Wolfgang’s Whereabouts

The reticent Berliner with a habit of shooting up public places is the cluster victim of the season. We can recall Wolfgang was taken away to Whispers’s torture chamber in Episode 11 where he suffered from villainous things.  He was strapped to a table and given electric shocks to the chest, which reverberate throughout the 8/8 cluster.

Of course, the sensates jumped into action, assembling in London to infiltrate the Biologic Preservation Organization’s facility and ostensibly rescue the poor German thief. But instead, they knocked out their nemesis, Milton Bailey (aka Brandt/Whispers/The Cannibal). Before we can even ask what was happening, they’re already in an ambulance, riding away into the sunset without the kidnapped sensate. Clearly, he is still missing. But where could he be?

One fan predicts that Wolfgang might not have been in the bowels of the BPO facility. “The only explanation I can come up with is that Wolfgang must not be in that facility. Otherwise, I got nothing. Jesus the cliffhanger may be my undoing,” user doomhunter13 share on Reddit. As reported previously, perhaps he was in another place owned by the same organization that’s not far from London. That would make sense.

Still, we can’t rule out the idea that maybe Wolfgang was really there, strapped to a table and the sensesates just failed to find him since Whispers was still torturing him right before the cluster knocked him out. While it is not the most satisfying ending for Sense8 Season 2, maybe the cliffhanger was just made to maintain the narrative’s rapid-fire pace into the potential Season 3.

Sense8 Season 3 Premiere: What about Sun?

But his whereabouts isn’t the only thing that’s been bugging everyone’s minds. Sun’s fate is still on a bubble too. The South Korean business executive was previously caught in a web of embezzlement, courtesy of her brother, and has since stayed behind bars painting murals. With a little help from her friends, she escaped prison in Episode 3 but was still on the run.

Sense8 Season 3 PremiereNetflix

She and her cluster had a plan to extricate her brother, Joong-Ki, and get him to admit to patricide, attempted fratricide, and embezzlement only to be interfered by Detective Moon. All hell broke loose and the chasing began. Sun ultimately captured Joong-Ki but chose let him go. That’s when we saw her got arrested and his brother escaped again this time with a man who may be an even bigger bad than him.

Will she be exonerated? We hope so. If we’re lucky, maybe Mun and the cluster will be able to break through her bro’s political defenses come Season 3 and put him behind bars where he belongs.

As usual, that’s something we can only confirm when the show returns for a third season. Netflix has not made any Sense8 Season 3 announcement yet, but word is the streaming giant is now trying to sign the cast for another run, which should be a good sign.

In the meantime, let us know your thoughts about the season 2 finale. Where do you think is Wolfgang? Are you shipping Sun and Mun more than anyone else on this show? Who is the man Joong-Ki has escaped with? Sound off in the comments section below!

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