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Sense8 Season 3 Renewal, Release Date & Premiere: Next Christmas Special Might Answer Major Plot Loop Holes

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Sense8 Season 3 Release Details

The season 2 of the gripping sci-fi Netflix series by the Wachowski’s Sense8 has just culminated with a satisfying yet highly confusing Episode 11. And though we’re happy (sort of) on how some of the arcs finished in the previous season when it comes to our favorite sensates, we have to admit that the previous season has also left some loop holes that are dying to be answered.

But first the important: Sense8 will surely have a Season 3 (YEY!), and if the first two seasons are any indication, we might be seeing the Sense8 Season 3 premiere sometime 2019 (Season 1 and 2 have exactly two years apart). According to this report, almost half of the core cast made up by Toby Onwumere, Doona Bae, Jamie Clayton, Tina Desai, Tuppence Middleton, Max Riemelt, Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Brian J. Smith have already signed up for the third season and half already deep in negotiations. Early talks say that the cast is on hold for season 3 until announcements could be done sometime June 2017, so we’re pretty sure we’ll be hearing more concrete updates on the cast (please let the other non-sensates also come back — Freema Agyeman, Alfonso Herrera, Erendira Ibarra, and Hot Detective Sukku Son).

Season 2 Plot Holes

The last episode has surely opened so many plot speculations, and quite honestly, disappointment on how the series finale turned out. The fact that the sensates finally meeting in person was anti-climactic to say the least (was kinda hoping for an orgy-like hug), and I can hear outrage all the way from Iceland when the body bag opened and (gasp!) Wolfgang wasn’t there!

How did our favorite cluster formulate a plan for the heist and why the hell would they leave Wolfie in the hands of the obviously sadistic BPOs? Well we have some very likely theories.

First, we all know that before the showing of Season 2, it was first introduced by a Christmas special in 2016 which pretty much tied the first season plot with the next. We’re sort of leaning towards the idea that Season 3 will first be introduced by yet another Christmas special, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the Holiday 2018 (if we follow it in Netflix time) special will be all about the heist planning and emotional first meetings minus Wolfie.

As for Wolfgang’s rescue, it would pretty much make sense if he was placed in another BPO facility that’s not far from London, and the Christmas special might tie-in that speculation quite nicely.

Season 3 Spoilers

As for season 3, we’re already seeing the direction of where it’s going: We’ll surely be seeing more of Hollywood as Lito starts filming his groundbreaking role; Capheus will surely win the election; and we’re all waiting what else is next for our new favorite ‘It’ couple Sun and Mun.

There will also be more origin plot on the creation of Whispers and how it infiltrated the once honorable BPO, and we’re seeing additional villains in the guise of politician Tae, Rajan’s deviously good looking ex-partner Ajay, and the mysterious Lila who proved in season 2 that she’s a formidable opponent to content with.

So what do you think is going to happen in Sense8 Season 3? Watch out for updates here at The Bitbag. 

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