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Sense8 Season 3 Renewal Delayed? Fans Took To Twitter To Petition Netflix To Make Statement, Trends Online

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The Sense8 Season 2 finale left viewers some burning questions they’re probably looking forward to being answered when the show returns for its third season. The thing though is, there might no longer be a third one. Sense8 Season 3 renewal still hasn’t been confirmed and Netflix’s cancellation of The Get Down got some fans on Twitter very worried that #RenewSense8 began trending on Tuesday morning.

The threat of cancellation gained momentum after Sense8 actor Brian Jacob Smith retweeted a fan’s posting which said, “If we don’t show our support for @sense8, it might not get renewed. Let’s tweet as much as we can the hashtag: #RenewSense8” writing, “This might be a good time to start making some noise.”

Most of the tweets with the hashtag stated reasons why people want to see the series, which follows a group of eight people around the world who are psychically linked, renewed for Season 3. They pointed out the parts of the show they loved, most of whom emphasized the show’s diverse representation.

There isn’t much out there like Sense8 in terms of LGBTQIA storytelling and it’s obvious that viewers have resonated with the characters. Having a beloved show cut short, especially one as significant and relevant as Sense8, is devastating and we can only keep out fingers crossed that the streaming service giant listens to their fans.

Check out some of their reactions below:

Sense8 Season 3 Renewal

Sense8 has gained a huge cult following after debuting on Netflix back in 2015. It earned warm reception specifically for its diverse casting choices, fresh sci-fi concept, and themes of unity and friendship across cultural divides. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always guarantee a large viewership which is a big factor in considering a renewal.

The production cycle for this show is not just incredibly lengthy, the cost is also rather big. Season 2 allegedly cost $9 million per episode, so it definitely needs a big audience to be picked up for another season.

Fans of Sense8 had to wait for two years for Season 2, after the pilot run originally premiered in June 2015. Two years later, they were finally given the second season they were promised when Netflix renewed the show three months after it premiered. If it chooses to go by that schedule, there’s still plenty of time for the company to make an announcement.

Netflix has yet to respond to the petition. However, Deadline previously reported it is already in negotiation with the 15 main cast members for additional seasons after their contracts had expired. The publication said it might not be finalized until sometime in June.

Stay tuned here at The Bitbag for updates! In the meantime, if you’re up for spoilers, check out our potential Sense8 Season 3 premiere spoilers about The Rescue Of Wolfgang & Sun’s Bigger Role.

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